Has graphics designing become just a thing of pushing pixels around a page and mixing flashy colors? Has web designing become just a thing of adding all the rich texture and some glowing drop shadows? That’s a big NO for both these questions!

Unfortunately, that’s a concept that sieves out most of my fellow designers, out there, from the picture. It’s something that does not necessarily have to take one a PHD to learn, matter of fact, not at all, yet very few understand this. In a few words, I will tell you why.

Do we have men and boys out there who have ever walked up to an astoundingly stunning, gorgeous lady hoping to get a thing or two going, and after five minutes of the conversation find out that it wasn’t even worth the try? If you know what I am talking about, then it shouldn’t be difficult for you to picture what I am trying to bring across here.

There is an old statement: “Beauty is not all that matters”, ever heard of it? That’s right! That’s just pretty much the case is, even with Graphics and Web designing.

Am I saying pretty doesn’t count? Oh no no, I wouldn’t go that far. Yes, you want your site or your design to look nice and create visual impact with visitors and customers, but good looks don’t bring in sales, that’s all I am simply saying. So naturally the question comes: “What does?”. The answer to that would simply be: “A great navigation guide”. And that is just what your website is meant to do. Welcoming your visitors, giving them a great tour around your site and making sure they definitely see your points of interest before leaving. So the purpose of your website would be to provide your visitors with the right guidance–directing them to where you want them to go and where they would like to go as well.

At ChamuDesigns, we give you just that. We want to help our clients present their message in a simple, precise and impressive way to their own clients. Our aim is not to give you something totally out of the conventional design standard to the point of loosing your clients, but just the thing that will get you in track and on the run.


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