One thing that is boring about static web sites is that an “About Us”/ “About” page is almost entirely necessary, and.. goodness gracious!, I have to make one again. Well, this is about the second time I am making a serious About page, but I know one thing about them. For the most part, I find About pages taking too much upon themselves; from history, present, to the future, these pages like filling themselves up with too much detail. Well folks, this page promises to be all that and more!

So now, I am making this about page, and I am thinking, “what to write, what to say??”, and guess what, I decide, “well, let Google do the thinking”. And now I bump into this interesting article, and believe you me friends, it does not disappoint. You can check it out for yourself, it says: Are You Making These 7 Mistakes with Your About Page?

Mistake 1. You don’t have an About Page:
Aha!..looks like I am ahead of the game folks. 😀 …and there’s your grin for that.

Mistake 2. I can’t find your name:
Not a problem here folks. The name is Nyasha Chamunokara. Watch out, that’s a mouthful, you need to pay particular emphasis to those vowels.

Mistake 3. I don’t know what you look like:
What?? 😯 …You’ve gotta be kidding me!! You mean that too is necessary? Jeez, but I just gave you my name up top. Don’t be such a freeloader, you need to do a little investigating.

Mistake 4. The writing is boring:
Oops.. Are you still there? If so, I congratulate myself. You just need to push through to the end, it wont hurt I promise. 😉

Mistake 5. Using video alone:
Good thing I am not making videos yet. Planing on “going premium” and making video tutorials soon though, so make sure you keep coming.

Mistake 6. You go on (and on and on):
Well, this one is so, so not me. I have never really been a good story-teller, science and mathematics have been my thing since elementary school. I try not to waste your time and go straight to the point.

Mistake 7. I bet you think your About Page is about you:
I know you’ve bumped into a lot of “I”s so far. Be rest assured, this is all about you, how that ChamuNDesigns wants to give you the best there is to offer — best services at absolutely affordable rates. More details are provided under “Who We Are” below.

Brief History
I am in a lab, trying to come up with an idea for a semester’s design project. Suddenly I think of an app I and my mates had developed the previous semester, a lottery applet that was meant to be integrated on any web browser to run online. Of-cause that had failed to meet all the requirement specifications, but I thought to myself, well, what if this time around I develop a website and upload the applet on it. But then, that would mean I will have to learn HTML, CSS, PHP etc, in a very short space of time to be able to make this thing work, since they are not a part of my curriculum. Last semester, Java was bad enough, and now I am thinking of putting myself in this, nah, if I do a simple hardware project, I save myself the trouble.

Pushed, merely by the thought of wanting to outdo my counterparts, and as a third year student, nothing else matters, I gather boldness, moreover, naturally I do not like dwelling in comfort zones too long. Furthermore, at the end of it all, as an Engineering student, some day the knowledge might come in handy. I approach my lecturer with the project proposal, he’s impressed with the idea, combines me with two other classmates and assigns us on a mega task to develop this advanced lotto project. I will not bother you with the rest of the details as to what exactly this project was all about, but we all knew that if it would work out, it would mean distinctions in that course at the end of the semester. We assign ourselves individual chores, and my duty is to design the site.

Thrilled at the thought of designing and hand coding my first site, I download a WordPress PSD template, and name it after myself, “Chamu Designs”, to take all the glory to myself. We all gave it our best shot and, the project worked out perfectly, and guess what, distinctions came our way for that particular course. Later on, because I find HTML and CSS more easy and enjoyable than Java, C and C++ programming languages, I decide to take web designing to the other level. That has been the birth of ChamuNDesigns, then Chamu Designs, with the N now standing for my first name.

Who We Are

We are intensely interested in the world of technology and design. Innovation, excogitation, design and experimentation are our intuitive impulses. Based in Zimbabwe, a place were design and technology are lagging behind, yet pushed by an overwhelming desire to learn to “think in other terms”, to “thinking outside the box”, at ChamuNDesigns we believe we have what it takes to change the world through design and innovation.


What We Do

At ChamuNDesigns we mainly specialise in the following:

  • Web Designing:
    • Company websites
    • Private websites
  • Graphics Designing:
    • Company logos and corporate identity design graphics
    • Fliers and banners
    • Business cards
  • Photography:
    • Background changes
    • Spot healing etc.
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

and a whole lot more.

Why Choose Us

At ChamuNDesigns we strive to provide you with:

  • A consistent standard based on good Christian values
  • An effective visual rendering of your message
  • High quality custom designs for both marketing and technical illustration on deadline
  • Use the latest tools and technology to keep your business on the cutting edge


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